Maria Johanssons tal inför FN-konferensen i New York


Lika Unikas ordförande Maria Johansson talade på torsdagen inför FNs konferens COSP9 om konventionen om rättigheter för personer med funktionsnedsättning (CRPD) i New York. I talet framhöll hon att personer med funktionsnedsättning är en naturlig del av den mänskliga mångfalden. Tillgänglighet, den nya teknikens möjligheter och att göra rätt från början var tre punkter som fanns med i talet.

Swedish statement.

– ”Thank you Mr Chair, panel, committee and delegates.
I am Maria Johansson president of a Swedish National DPO called Equally Unique, federation for human rights for persons with disabilities. 

I am attending the conference as part of the Swedish delegation.
We, persons with disabilities, or as I prefer to say: 
girls and boys, women and men with a disability, are a natural part of human diversity, as stated in Article 3 general principles of CRPD (I love that part).

We are to be found within all sexual orientations, all ages, all socio-economic groups, all colors of our skin and all over the world, with different beliefs and ways of living our lives, with all different types of disabilities.

Accessibility is a precondition for us all to live independently and participate fully and equally in society, and it’s also a precondition to reach the Sustainable Agenda Goals (SDA). New technology and innovations open fantastic possibilities to dramatically enhance accessibility to information, technology and inclusive development: 
– if we are determined to include, 
– if we make sure to do right from the start,
– if we take every chance to mainstream.

Yesterday morning there was a Swedish side-event held, showing and proving it’s possible to broadcast and have fully accessible real-time inclusive meetings that everyone can take part in, regardless how you communicate. 

That´s one example of how we can move on to an accessible, sustainable and democratic society. 
To Leaving no one behind.”


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